Hiring or Renting When You Need High Quality Stuff
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Hiring or Renting When You Need High Quality Stuff

This was an interesting topic as I was talking to a person who needed some equipment for a project where buying them is way too expensive and so he was thinking of renting what he needed. It was rather expensive too where when I looked at it it’s almost like he is paying $150/hr just for the gear. I was then suggesting why not just hire a professional or company that has the gear he was looking for? There are plenty of people and companies that would essentially do the work for him too at that rate for the quality he was looking for.

It makes a lot of sense financially and in terms of time. It’s different if you do it all the time where in that case you can probably save way more money by investing in the equipment. However, if you only do it like say once a year then you shouldn’t rule out the option of hiring a professional instead I feel. I guess it’s like saying if for some reason you needed a limousine for an occasion would you hire a company to do it that has a limo or pay the money to rent it yourself? If you use it all the time then maybe it’s better to buy one but for most I would imagine it’s better to hire a company.

I guess it’s just the notion of paying someone to do something that you may be technically able to do yourself that makes people not consider the option. But if it make sense financially and time wise where you save in both departments then you shouldn’t rule it out.

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