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Highlighting Bad Business Practices of Others or Not

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Usually when people do something bad to you man would say just forget it and move on as you will probably be wasting too much energy on a matter that can’t be changed anymore. That’s what got me to think as I was recently hearing a story on how some business people will go out of their way to make sure that if a competitor ever tried to do something bad or unethical to them they will invest to time to make sure no one forgets.

Their reasoning was actually business oriented where they view it as the competition giving you the ammo to make sure that they stay down per se and that they will need to work hard to get rid of that stigma that they created upon themselves. I guess it would be no different than playing a sport where if your opponent messes something up then one would normally take advantage of it to win.

The question is how much is too much? An example would be if someone went to jail for say stealing an item and has served their time would it be valid to keep labelling them as a criminal to ensure you would get the jobs versus them?

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