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Does a High Turnover Rate Make You Wonder About A Company

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So this was kind of interesting as back around the Christmas times I often try and have fun during the seasonal time by doing jobs that sound different or interesting to me. It’s usually only temporary anyways due to the nature of the busy season. There was one company that called me to phone them back but we just ended up playing telephone tag. So I considered it as a too bad moment where it sounded fun.

The funny thing was this week this company was asking if I was still interested in the role. That was kind of odd considering how long it has been. Out of curiosity I decided to research the position more and one of the first things I bumped into was a comment from someone who actually was employed by them back in December. They didn’t have very nice things to say about it as for the most part the message was overworked for bad pay sort of deal and the person was explicitly saying how so many people had quit. It made me think, does high turnover in a company make you question the company in general?

I know for me if I did end up with the company before I pretty much knew that financially it is probably in the same category as like an entry level job. But for me I didn’t really care as I thought it would be fun to try. I can see how for many others though the money is extremely important. In that sense I personally only view a high turnover rate as a negative if the company made like say big promises which they failed to deliver. This is as opposed to someone wanting say a higher pay really fast sort of deal which often happens too.

I tend to always like to learn about a turnover rate from both perspectives. For example, I expect most entry level jobs at a retail store to have a high turnover rate as in many cases both parties are essentially using each other for some temporary help and money. It’s when people stay that is usually more surprising in those situations.

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