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High Renewal Rates

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In the process of registering a domain I usually know which registrar I would go with based on past experiences about its rates and services. However, I usually do check around for deals to see if I wanted to do business elsewhere. One thing that was kind of shock when I looked at Yahoo’s small business section and its domain registration prices.

As you can see, the price for a one year is very close to what many other registrars cost on average. However, it was the renewal fee that really got my eyebrows raising. This indicates that after your initial yearly terms are complete, the price is essentially raised to $34.95 a year. This is the only domain registrar company that I have seen that does that.

This does happen in a lot of other service industries as well where the initial fees seem very good until it comes time to renew your contract. Always look for the best deals for the long run. Or at minimum, make sure to find a better alternative before your expiry date to save some money.

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