Hiding Prices To Get Traffic

Hiding Prices To Get Traffic

Today I got an e-mail from a store that was having a sale of some sort. The funny thing was that their marketing ploy was to simply not list the price of the items. Instead, they use a tagline such as a “price too low to list” routine where you have to actually go to the store to find out. This is a very risky way of getting people into the store I’d say as the expectations are probably so high that it is bound to disappoint.

To me it seems like it is less risky only if people normally go to the store on a regular basis as it is just a little something extra to lookout for. I am almost inclined to say that a limited quantity tactic would be a little more effective in the long run as in those cases you tend to have an expectation where if you didn’t get there early you are out of luck. In this case unless the price was truly rock bottom a person would probably be disappointed.

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