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Hiding or Showing A Real Identity

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So today I was reading this news bit about how Youtube was planning to implement a feature where in order to make comments on videos users will now have to see their real names. Apparently, this is supposed to help minimize comments that are say hateful or racist in an effort to clean up the site. This of course raised debate that you need this anonymity in order to create user engagement as most people wouldn’t want to attach their real name when it comes to things like commenting on items.

I was trying to think of this even for sites such as shopping ones where users leave feedbacks about the items. While granted many times people create fake accounts and anonymous id’s to leave fake and hateful messages, I’m sure in situations like that people would be less inclined to leave feedbacks as the notion of giving out too much information publicly scares a lot of people.

I am kind of on the fence with this one as in some ways I think you need to implement restrictions like these if you are trying to develop a more trustworthy an d credible platform. Whereas when you are starting out I can easily see how in an online environment you can probably generate more interactivity by allowing people to be anonymous. Tricky and sensitive topic either way.

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  • It’s nice to hear that…about how youtube going to have some kind of restrictions with some users going to comment with disgusting words… 😀

    janel raelyn 8/21/2012 8:49 am

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