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Here Comes The Alternative Natural Gas Solicitors In BC

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Back in March I made a post on how the local natural gas company here called Terasen Gas is losing its monopoly which is opening up choices for residences. Some of the alternative providers seem to be sending out an army of people going door to door as a way to get people to sign through them.

For myself I had previous knowledge of the event and generally from a business perspective I understand how everything works in terms of everyone reselling the same energy source. The real interesting thing is how some of the door to door solicitors presented their pitch which was very interesting.

The last person who knocked on the door presented himself as kind of like an inspector wanting to make sure that everything was okay with the billing and all. Afterwards, he talks about how there is a new program where we could receive the exact same service and by signing to this new five year service term it will be cheaper than what we are currently doing now. He then mentioned how everyone has been asking for something like this and so it is now available and all we would have to do is register on the spot.

That is kind of a sneaky way of doing it I think. I think for a regular person they would have assumed that the person was from Terasen gas. Basically, when you think about it he didn’t really mislead or do anything illegal, but rather the way he worded everything can easily get so many people to sign up emotionally as most people would interpret that as a better service contract with their existing provider with mentions of things such as how the service is all coming from the same sources and so fourth.

I did actually test the person out to make sure that he was really an honest person with just some very interesting sales techniques as I began to talk about things such as deregulation and asked him to confirm whether or not that is what this was all about. He was kind of shocked that I knew so much about it, but he did in fact say that was the case and so that at least showed that he wasn’t trying to mislead people in a extremely unethical way. Of course, I did not sign as I would rather see all of the options was everything kicks in.

So for everyone else in the BC area, just be sure that you really understand and evaluate all of your choices first I’d say as I’m sure you want to go with the provider that offers the best price and service.

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