Helping Yourself To Restaurant Supplies
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Helping Yourself To Restaurant Supplies

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I saw an interesting thing recently where in a restaurant people were lining up near the entrance as it was busy and people were waiting for a table. Now it just so happens that near the entrance is this small counter area. On it was a long sleeve of napkins that the workers would grab to place on the tables.

An elderly women then comes in and first asks the restaurant greeter to be added on the wait list for a table. Afterwards, she casually, without a hitch, simply walks over to the counter and begins to fill her bag up with napkins as if it was a normal thing to do. While the employees didn’t see it, everyone lining up did and they didn’t really know what to say since she was an elder.

I’m sure that the person saves money this way and that everyone has taken a little extra something at one time or another for future use, but how much is too much?

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