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Having Vocal People

Today I was told of an interesting situation as there was a company that has partnered up a lot of people in an effort to help promote its services. Of course, people would get compensated for their efforts based on results. However, while everyone was doing things such as creating sites to promote the services the company itself was advertising only certain people. Hence, they got more exposure that essentially increased their presence to get more customers. This of course made people say how that isn’t right as they shouldn’t be favoring anyone.

You pretty much saw the typical reactions such as some people just outright quitting or those that were arguing to no end in hopes the company would change. This is kind of interesting too as if you think about it everyone is kind of like an independent contractor. With that in mind if you think the company is treating you unfairly you could simply direct your energy elsewhere. For example, promoting different products.

I was trying to research exactly why the business was promoting only certain people as maybe it had to do with the fact that they were the most productive and so hence they earned it. It turned out to not be as obvious though. Essentially, the people that they left out for the most part were people who were very vocal in the sense that when they have an opinion they express it. At the same time, if there is something wrong with the product they won’t sell it like a snake oil salesmen. So in the company’s mind these people are not very good to have regardless of the numbers they bring in.

That’s kind of tricky I say as many times these vocal people are the ones that are good at innovating and thinking outside of the box too. So it could be the opposite too where if you only have people who follow directions then it’s like you will never be able to innovate. Guess in that scenario it is more about have the strong leader that can guide everyone to focus on the same goal despite their differences.

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