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Having To Use Bandage Solutions Everyday To Save Money

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Today this made me wonder if I would be able to tolerate this kind of inconvenience in order to save a lot of money. Basically, there was this pricing comparison of various homes/condos that were in a similar area except the big difference was that one place was located near loud traffic which makes the property less desirable. It was no small change too as the price difference was almost $50,000. People were then commenting for that much money they would probably use it for some ear plugs when sleeping or creating sound proof areas in certain parts of the house if they really can’t stand it.

I’m one to want to save money of course. However, in this case if it is a place I intended to stay for a long time I don’t think I would be able to tolerate that type of nuisance as I would be more inclined to buy the more expensive property. Although with that much money it’s probably kind of interesting to see what type of solutions you can invest into. And the funny thing is there are some people who use things like ear plugs all the time while sleeping even if it isn’t a noisy area so it makes you wonder if we are just being way too picky at times about what is reasonable to adapt to or not to save a large chunk of cash.

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  • The thing to think about in that situation is also how likely will it be to get that extra amount back? In most cases, in a situation like that, you will get your cash back. However, many times in a down market the “odd” places drop really far and become bargains, and then when the market gets hot again, those places are the ones that climb the quickest…

    Fax Authority 5/22/2012 7:50 am

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