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Having to Purchase More Than You Need

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I had a semi debacle today while going to the store as I was asked to go purchase a small jar of mayonnaise to be used to create some potato salad. I figured that you could find a small one for a cheap price as there would be no point in buying a big jar since there would be no real use for it afterwards. To my surprise it seemed like you had to buy medium sized ones and they all ranged from $5 to $8 each. I was so hesitant to buy it as it seemed like a waste of money.

Unless a person say planned their meals around using that entire jar in a timely manner it just didn’t seem like a smart purchase overall. I guess that is just what happens when things come up on the fly and you try to make purchases in the last minute as well. I did ended up purchasing it though as I figured that we could always just give it to say other family members who are more inclined to use the item. That’s one way of dealing with having to buy an excess amount of a certain item.

Comments to Having to Purchase More Than You Need

  • I don’t get it. Mayonaise lasts for a very long time. Put it in the fridge, it’s good for 2 months.

    Tim 7/14/2010 2:29 pm
  • Basically I don’t use mayonnaise normally, so it’s a waste to buy more than needed for that one time. Example, imagine you only using pickles for that one time of the year where you make a burger at home and when you go to the store your only option is to buy a whole jar worth of pickles.

    Alan Yu 7/14/2010 11:47 pm

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