Having The Resources But Being Too Lazy To Learn

Having The Resources But Being Too Lazy To Learn

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I found this to be a little odd as a person was asking me to help them with a project as they simply didn’t have the funds to get the necessary tools to complete the work. So they asked if I could help them out for free. The awkward thing was I knew exactly what they wanted to create where virtually everyone can get these tools for free that would suit their needs. Imagine someone saying as an example that they can’t write a proposal because they don’t have Microsoft Word. Like there even without that there are so many free options out there and there are even things like Wordpad and Notepad on the computer to use.

To make it worst the person told me they had something that would actually work, which a lot of people use, but they simply didn’t want to learn to use it. That’s a huge difference to simply not having the tools period to do something. I couldn’t help but to think there that what they were really asking was for someone to do work for them for free. Since this is a for profit scenario it didn’t seem right to me.

Although this did show an important point where many times we feel the need to spend money on the latest and greatest because everyone else is using it. Then instead of actually learning and using what you have you go into a defeated mode where you convince yourself what you have isn’t enough. In reality you just need to learn and use it. This happens pretty often too. If we all just spent some time to learn how to effectively use the resources we have in front of us before trying to convince ourselves that we need more you may be surprised at how much you can do now.

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