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Having Others Pay To Contact You

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I encountered something funny today as there was a person I was trying to contact who openly has various contact information at various sites. However, I decided at first that I would send a message through a business oriented social media site as I assumed he would use that more. Funny enough, that site was almost like a dating site where you could sign up for free but you had to pay to be able to send the person a simple message. Of course that then just led me to send the message through other platforms.

That actually happens a lot to people where they sign up for these social networking sites and then directing everyone there for easy access to contact them. However, when people try to contact them they are presented with the barrier of having to pay for a membership and so they instead don’t. Imagine all the potential lost in leads and sales if you solely gave people this page without thinking if they can easily have access to you through it.

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