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Having Online Inventory Tracking or Not

Today I was trying to find a Nintendo Switch video game for a present as I was told what the person wanted. These are normally pretty expensive but I actually had a store points offer where I could get about $30 off an $80 purchases which didn’t sound too bad. I would have to buy it from this specific store of course. But one of the big issue was finding out which place had it in stock as the company website doesn’t show in-store inventory numbers.

I actually ended up going to two stores within the area of the same company and both times they didn’t have it. There didn’t seem to be an organized system for customers to easily find titles either. Afterwards I was debating if I wanted to try different areas, but ultimately time is a factor unfortunately and I just decided to order it online and have it delivered to the recipient.

I was thinking how if the site told me exactly which store had it in stock I would have just bought it from them. Would you think businesses who don’t offer information like this nowadays are missing out on a lot of sales like in my case?

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