Having One or Multiple Professional Personas

Having One or Multiple Professional Personas

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Meeting other professionals is often a great way to learn and potentially find new people to collaborate with. At times you may meet people with such a completely different background that it gives you new ideas to possibly pursue. For myself I have a wide variety of background and experiences that can often seem uncomplimentary where for some they view it as a negative. For example, I am really good at managing money yet my other background is in the arts which people with think is a person who is terrible at such.

Now because of that perception I noticed at times people create completely different personas as their professional descriptions depending on who they are targeting. For example, if they join an artistic community they will only list art related work and for technical professionals they only list related credentials in their profiles. Keep in mid this isn’t a job application but just everyday networking. For myself I have always listed everything as is.

To me it should be an advantage where having experience in multiple fields can give you valuable insight and perspectives. Almost like the conflict you often hear of technical and artistic people not seeing eye to eye on projects. As well, I have often found if people will pre-judge you because they have just never seen someone of a specific background be able to do other things too then that can be a sign of a closed minded person.

I find it interesting personally to learn about people’s backgrounds when it is diverse. But wouldn’t you rather have people to know your background variety ahead of time? Or would you still feel it’s better to in a sense create multiple professional personalities?

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