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Having No One To Give A Referral To

Today I was thinking where I may potentially have to purchase a property a little later and at the moment I know the seller has things like a real estate agent whereas at this point I haven’t really looked for one considering I pretty much had a good idea at what I needed to get. With my basic knowledge of how the industry works I know that the seller is paying them a commission and that normally if I had an agent as well they would be splitting it to a certain extent. But if the seller is the only one with an agent then the person will pretty much get it all.

That made me think that these are like those scenarios where you were going to buy it anyways and so you would rather give the commission to someone. But in this case I personally don’t have anyone that comes to mind immediately. It makes me wonder if I should just advertise it to someone else in like my circle of friends who personally know agents and to say like “free money.” Of course, maybe a wise thing to do too is to use that as a way to haggle the price more.

Generally speaking I do prefer to just pass things of like this as it’s less work and who knows what kind of other business relationships you can establish as a result where essentially it’s like you giving them referrals and so in return most people will try to return the same favour.

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