Having No Data And Records of Customer Preferences

Having No Data And Records of Customer Preferences

Recently I was informed of an interesting situation where there was a phone company that didn’t seem to have much local employees in its support department to the point where even though they advertise 24/7 support they often don’t have workers that can speak basic English as an example. So for this example everytime the customer phoned in for support or when the company called them back they would be greeted in Chinese even though they don’t speak it.

Imagine that happening all the time too. While that isn’t good just from a customer service point of view, it makes you think how the company doesn’t seem to have any type of system to help classify who their customers are and what their preferences of communications are. You would think that would be the most basic detail to have on a customer such as what language is natively spoken in a specific region that you are doing business in.

I suppose in this case maybe people who only speak English are a small part of their business. But as a company I am surprised anyone wouldn’t organize basic data records like these to best serve people in specific regions that one is operating in.

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