Having No Backup Workers For A Small Business

Having No Backup Workers For A Small Business

This got me thinking the other day as a person was complaining on how a dentist they went to frequently cancelled appointments on their customers due to them having to attend some other personal matter. For example, one scenario I read was that the dentist had to go pick up their kid from school as their significant other couldn’t all of a sudden. You would expect a person to do that if this was a casual get together amongst friends. But if you run a business that seems kind of unprofessional. I would think paying someone to pick the kids up would be better.

It kind of shows the risk in running a service based business all by yourself if you are the only one that can provide that service. A lot of dental clinics I see usually have multiple dentists as an example. So if you are running a business like this would it be wiser to partner up with another person that is practicing in the same field as you are? There are of course risks with that too such as potentially not getting along with the other person in the future.

But in scenarios like these having some kind of backup worker seems like something every business would need at some point in time. If anything, even knowing someone whom you can refer clients to can be a good idea if the load is too much for you currently.

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