Having More Resources To Experiment With

Having More Resources To Experiment With

Ever since I changed my cell phone plan where I can now comfortably use 30 gigs a month it’s nice not having to worry about conserving data. That can be a negative too where because I went from a five gig plan to this I am finding myself using more than I would normally need. For example, randomly watching news video clips to see if anything interesting is happening versus text articles.

It’s almost like living your life frugally normally but now that you have a million dollars each month you will be inclined to buy and do things that you normally wouldn’t. But at the same time, I am finding that I am using these extra monthly data to see if I can actually get more done while I’m out. For example, I was trying to do more writing and research on my mobile device as normally I would wait until I get home to save my monthly data. Now, if I am on the transit as an example I can work during the trip.

I probably wouldn’t have attempted to experiment with this ordinarily knowing I just barely made it by each month. But having more definitely encouraged me to do so. It can be a good idea to be a minimalist of course as we often buy too much stuff we don’t need. But I guess this shows me that on the flip side, having more than you need can be beneficial to encourage innovation in your current life to make things even better. As always, it’s about finding that right balance.

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