Having Familiar Staff At A Business To Increase Loyalty

Having Familiar Staff At A Business To Increase Loyalty

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So today I was invited to go to a restaurant for the second time where technically we went to this exact place last week as well. So when we arrived we were greeted and all and was taken to our table. The person that brought us to the table was actually the same person from last week funny enough. At first the person seemed like she recognized us but wasn’t exactly sure so she didn’t say anything. It wasn’t until we were ready to order and the person I was with mentioned how this week he wanted to try a different meal and that’s when she realized we were the same people.

From then on it seemed like the employee was more casual and relaxed and this time she even asked what our names were and all. Funny enough this even raised the question afterwards where since it’s the same server do you tend to now treat the person as like a friend instead where that would mean you would be more inclined to tip more as well?

Because I can imagine many times where whenever people do business with a company having familiar employees for the customers can often build up that trust to the point where one would tend to spend more money. I know that was true when I worked for a retail store and people specifically came back for my advice and treated me like a friend where customers would even give things like Christmas cards. So it can pay off to keep your employees happy too as constantly getting new people can kill that personable feeling in doing business with you.

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