Having Eyes And Ears Everywhere With A Community

Having Eyes And Ears Everywhere With A Community

This was interesting today as there was a scenario apparently of a person talking about internal company material that should be shared with the public in which they were then swift to try and take everything down. As expected, they then tried to locate how the information got leaked in the first place. What was amazing to think about is how a company can have a large network of people to essentially be their eyes and ears to locate the source.

These aren’t just say employees either as it could be friends of people who work there or even say fans of the company’s offerings. Because of that the source was quickly located. It was in a pretty obscure place too where I would imagine people originally thought there is no way the company would bother to take a peek at what they are doing. That is true, but again they just had so many other contacts where in this case one of them happened to have visited it.

I guess it kind of shows the benefit of creating a network or community of sort for your business as well. Not only can you learn a lot to help improve your offerings, but you could have thousands of people helping to inform you what is happening around them in regards to your company.

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