Having Engaged Communities Being A Selling Point

Having Engaged Communities Being A Selling Point

This got me to think from a business perspective today as a person was saying how they were trying to seek out partnerships with various people who own media companies as tapping into their base can help them to potentially increase product awareness while providing useful customer data. How they tried to decide on who to work with was the interesting part as it was apparently discussed that there were a lot of people with say viewership but little engagement. In contrast, some didn’t have as large of a viewership base but they did have a decent amount of engagement. That seemed to be the decision maker where they went with the company that had a more engaged community.

That’s interesting to think about where if a business relies on things such as corporate sponsorship then making sure you have a lively community of sort is an important business asset I guess you can say. This could simply mean people generating conversation as if they are on a social media site that looks very active or people write a lot of say feedbacks about products.

It makes me think of recruiting where many times it’s about finding active people who are likely to engage with whatever the offering is versus just grabbing thousands of people who may or may not be interested in it.

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