Having Conversations With Your Customers or Not

Having Conversations With Your Customers or Not

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In a busy lifestyle environment many times people want to get in and get out when it comes to shopping. Time is money with many getting super irritated whenever people hold up a line at a store because the customer in-front of you is chatting away as an example. But that’s what got me thinking today as I had to drop by a few stores that are definitely more mom and pop esque versus a big box retailer.

One thing I noticed is that they tended to want to engage in a conversation with one of those “back in my days” sort of routine. As well, diving into conversations related to the product I was buying. I was thinking how in these situations having a conversation with your customers can be a good thing when you can as it helps to build rapport and trust. I used to do it all the time when working at a store which resulted in repeat customers as well as people specifically seeking out my knowledge.

The conversation made it apparent that I knew what I was talking about and in many ways was just like every other enthusiast. I couldn’t chat with them when it was super busy though and they understood. That would be bad as you can imagine. But when you can it could be a good thing.

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