Having Basic Versus Thorough Business Security Measures

Having Basic Versus Thorough Business Security Measures

Today it was super busy in the downtown core as people were travelling from all across town to attend various events. But there was one instance I witnessed t hat got me thinking involving the rapid transit and security that costs everyone money at the end. Whenever you enter and exit the transit system here you would tap your card and depending on where you started and ended the system will automatically calculate if you had enough funds for the trip.

Now upon exiting if your card didn’t have enough funds then the small gate will not open and a message alerts you of the inadequate funds. So what you should do normally is go to the machine and put more funds into your card. I saw this happen with one person where the gate wouldn’t open for him to exit because of the lack of funds. So what did he do? He literally just forced his way through the automated gate and didn’t really care in a way that seemed like he did it quite a few times.

Obviously the system isn’t enough which makes you wonder like in these cases is it better to pay way more in the beginning to have a really sturdy security system where the cost of people stealing fares would be worst in the long run? There is a point where it would be a little too much such as if you made these types of places like an airport with security all over. It wouldn’t seem feasible with how many people use it daily. So the other perspective would be would it be better just to eat up the losses from the minority that will insist in not paying?

It actually does make me think of another example where grocery stores with self check aisle in some places actually just left all the plastic bags there for you to take as the assumption is the majority of people are honest. However, now I see they actually have employees where you need to ask them for one where they would charge you money as the loss was probably adding up where it made sense to monitor it.

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