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Having Basic Tech Skills As A Necessity

Sunny drone shot

In the past I would say it was pretty normal to have people who didn’t know how to use things like a computer as that was usually for the technical crowd to specialize in. Nowadays though with so many things going digital such as the use of tablets it almost seems like everyone should have to learn some basic tech skills. What got me thinking of this in a humorous way was how someone has a carbon dioxide detector that needed to have its battery replaced.

But I guess for this item the product keeps beeping in an annoying manner every minute or so to remind the owners to replace it. They didn’t know how to turn it off or how to remove the battery and so they threw it in the cupboard in hopes to drown out the sound until they could find someone to help the next day. The sound was too much as you can imagine.

Now in this case the battery wasn’t ones like you would see in a remote control as there were actually connection wires. It was simple enough to remove if you knew what to look for but for them this was just way beyond what they know. But it did make me think how it’s such a simple skill to learn where everyone should be investing a little time to learn. Imagine having to pay someone to do this for you too.

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