Having Annual Super Sales On Different Days

Having Annual Super Sales On Different Days

In recent times Amazon has had its Prime Day sales where everyone is expecting massive Black Friday types of sale. It can be a hit or miss but what I found interesting are all the articles popping up on what the day is actually going to be. People are essentially just guessing since there has been no confirmation and the event has been cancelled before here. You would think for most businesses they would have these sales on a consistent day such as the anniversary date of the company correct?

That makes me wonder if having it on different days can actually be good as it would potentially generate more press with scenarios like these where people are guessing. At the same time, it could eliminate business pressure where one has to make sure everything is ready by a certain date versus just having one when they are ready.

For a small business it’s probably better to have it on a consistent date. But for mega companies like Amazon where a lot of people will be shopping anyways I guess the answer isn’t as clear.

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