Having A Short Time To Make A Job Decision

Having A Short Time To Make A Job Decision

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Today I was presented with an interesting situation which I would imagine everyone has encountered at one point of another. Essentially, a person I knew needed to find someone for a project and apparently I was the first person that came to mind with all the necessary skill-sets. The thing is this would require travel while staying in a different area for a few weeks. On top of that, it is supposed to start very soon. So I was asked if I wanted to do it.

In many ways my mindset was if I can I would for the sake of helping the person that I know as one has to have a lot of business trust in you to ask you first. I know for man people they would of course only do it if it made sense financially. But would you do it simply based mostly on the fact that it would be a challenge and assuming the pay was pretty standard?

If you were an employee for a company then it is a little more straight forward as in many ways it’s like a free trip. But when you are self employed it would fundamentally mean you can’t do anything else which can be detrimental to your growth. But with that in mind I was actually thinking how I could potentially still do a lot of my other work on the road as it would simply require some upgrades like a good laptop.

I think that is an important mindset to have where when you are presented with these kinds of decisions try to think of solutions versus just focusing on what you may lose. Many times opportunities literally come out of no where at any time and you have to be prepared for it.

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