Have To Lose Everything At Least Once

Have To Lose Everything At Least Once

There was a person telling me today that whenever he decided to choose a business partner he always looked for the people who have say lost their fortune at least once while still finding a way to rise up again. He just emphasized that a situation like this in life shows so much character and that the person will also learn so much about money in the process. Therefore, ideally these people make a perfect business partner in many ways.

I guess that is kind of interesting as the general thought for many is that you would base your partners on simply who has the most fortune and success at the present. This way I suppose the person will be more likely o make wiser decisions based on experience and not wanting to fall into the same hole again as they may have done in the past. Kind of like how you just have to fall down at times so that you can learn how to pick yourself up.

With a mentality like that I suppose it’s a good idea to encourage kids to try something entrepreneurial at a young age as if they lose all of their money through a silly mistake then odds are the financial repercussions won’t be as bad as say for an adult that tries it on a business venture.

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