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Harmless Facebook Internet Questions Potentially Turning Into Data Mining

Recently I have noticed that so many social media sites such as Facebook have people posting these questions as a joke of sort such as asking people what was the last thing they ate which is what they would get a lifetime supply of. Or it could be the most recent show you watched is what your new profession is going to be. Again, they are meant to be a joke it seems as it can generate a humours result. But the more you think about it this could actually be a form of data mining your information.

For example, some questions actually ask things such as the date in which you were born or they show pictures of shows from certain generations which would narrow down when you were born. Imagine now someone having a data bade of all your answers which could then be used for marketing purposes. Or worse, someone trying to pose as you in some way.

Something to keep in mind as it reminds me of a lot of free video games where the goal is to get information from people to then sell that data.

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