Happy New Year 2008
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Happy New Year 2008

2008 is here and what a crazy year 2007 has been for myself. If I had to summarize it in a few words, it was definitely the “year of revelation” as I encountered a lot of situations where I got to see a lot of people’s true colors both in good and bad ways. Actually, it was so big that it will lead up to 2008 and will be a key focus in the beginning of 2008 for me. As silly as it sounds, a lot of the stuff that happened seemed like some sort of story book setup as I can’t explain the strange coincidental occurrence of events. It’s almost like those situations where you instantly turn something negative into a positive. I think I can even write a book after this.

On top of that, the experiences that I will be able to share and expose once everything is done with kind of excites me in some strange way as I think it will help a lot of people. It’s definitely business and finance related too. I might even get to interview some people for 2008 on this blog who went through some very unique business and personal financial situations as well that you could write a movie script for.

Speaking about the blog, 2007 was an interesting year. In 2006 the monthly average pageview was 23322 with visits sitting at about 16401. In 2007 the monthly average jumped to 44212 pageviews and about 31629 visits. Here is the breakdown for those who are interested in this type of stuff:

Most active post ironically was one that was written in 2006 about that Internet Marketing Conference with 189 comments as of writing this. Special thanks to all of my regular readers as well for contributing in general which definitely provided additional insights on various topics. Maybe this whole Forbes thing in 2008 will open up some new opportunities to explore for this blog.

Happy new year.

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