Handling of Share Benefits

Handling of Share Benefits

I was reading this piece of news on how a lot of employees in high valued private companies such as Facebook are getting a little impatient that their shares in the company aren’t available in the open public market yet as many of them simply want to sell it. As a result, many people are simply trying to find potential buyers of their own in the meantime to try and sell them now.

Seems kind of pre-mature to me as in my opinion if you opt to get shares in a company, especially a private one that has an intent to go public, then you should be in it for the long hall. I find it kind of amazing when I see people go on these employee share programs for example only to see them say sell it 2 months later which earned them say a $30 net profit.

It’s almost like the person is treating it like a holiday bonus and in my view it should be more of an investment. Like some say, good things comes to those who wait.

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