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Grudges In Business

I thought this was kind of a fascinating topic to debate about when it comes to business. In a lot of cases people would say all companies care about is money. It doesn’t matter if one guy hates the other for personal reason. Essentially, if they each feel that they can make money or benefit from each other then they would do a deal. However, on the flip side people were saying that is so false as businesses have grudges with each other all the time which can often be a key influence as to whether or not they would cooperate.

For me I tend to think a business primarily deals with people and the transactions that happen because of the relationship that the two parties have with each other. So in that sense I don’t see why one would think just because two people can make say a lot of money together that they would if they despise each other deeply whether it be their values or history. Some other funny examples were how a creator of a product actually gave certain vendors inferior versions of its products for example simply for the sake of politics. That way they can say they tried to work with them and that it is their fault the product isn’t selling as it is with everyone else.

Would you still do business with someone if you knew for example you could easily make $100,000 with them but knowing that this same person is someone that scammed your friends or family into bankruptcy for example? Like in that type of scenario I have personally yet to see anyone not hold a grudge and just go on with business so to speak.

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