Groupon Refunds If It Goes Unused

Groupon Refunds If It Goes Unused

I actually didn’t even know this as not too long ago I bought a Groupon deal and there is still time to use it. However, I guess the system gives an auto warning which at first I would assume means if you don’t use it then you lose out. Just like buying those coupon books where anything left after the expiry date is pretty much useless. However, apparently you can get refunded the credit of the purchase if your Groupon goes unused.

That was surprising in two ways where I guess that gives people a piece of mind where they won’t have to just waste a purchase if something changed time wise. As well, I’m surprised that the company actually alerts people of this as I would assume a lot of companies would have it in its policy but won’t take initiate to remind people as it would be profit per se. It would be in the same vein as say extended warranties going unused.

I suppose it is a good thing too as it definitely develops more trust towards the customer where it gives the impression that you genuinely want them to walk away happy with their purchase versus just treating them as profit.

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