Group Insurance Plans To Save Money
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Group Insurance Plans To Save Money

I was researching about some drone insurance today as the topic came up even though technically I don’t have to have one at this point in time. The prices for a lot of companies seemed kind of ridiculous for a non-commercial user such as $500 a year. At that price I thought you better be doing this as a business.

That then led me to other options where there where apparently a ton of drone clubs and organizations that actually have group insurance plans as part of a membership benefit. In a few cases the insurance would cover you for personal and commercial use as if you are buying it on your own. Except you obviously get it at a huge discounted price since it is a group plan.

I never thought too much of group insurance plans in general for things like hobbies. But for the sake of saving money that sounds like a pretty feasible option if you are looking to save money. It’s kind of funny in some ways as it’s almost like it looked like in many cases people just created the organization so that everyone can save money on things like insurance rates. More buying power usually does mean more money saved.

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