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Gradually or Immediately Upgrading Your Infrastructure

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It’s common to hear nowadays on people’s plans to replace everything that relies on gas to run for electric based solutions as it is supposed to be better for the environment. So without thinking too much a lot of cities are even implementing plans to outright ban gas operated items in a couples of year. It got me thinking if you were to transfer this to your business would you just immediately replace everything in the same manner or would you slowly replace each items to make sure it is sustainable?

Because one issue I often heard is that some places don’t even have enough power as it is where there are constant blackouts. So imagine the potentially issue when now everything requires electricity. Now imagine if you immediately dumped all of your old equipment in the same manner where you simply can’t just go back.

I usually find though that most people would opt to gradually move away from old equipment unless for some reason it seems like they have an unlimited amount of money to spend or that the funds they received aren’t theirs but rather investors. Better to be safe I would image though huh?

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