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Google Adsense Payment

As expected, I received my Google Adsense check this week which I will use as my starting pool of funds. I was also asked by some people on how they weren’t exactly sure how this particular program works and so I figured I would explain a bit about it.

If you own a website of some sort, Google Adsense is a way for people to display advertisements on their site in an effort to make money. Without being too technical, you can earn money in three ways depending on how you have it set it up:

1) Someone clicks on an ad. Depending on your topic and the amount of people bidding for the advertisement spot, you get a percentage of how much the advertiser paid for that ad. A more familiar term is a “cost per click”.

2) Advertisers can also opt to specifically target your site where only their ads will be displayed to your visitors. With this, you can also get paid an X amount based on how many times the ads have been displayed. It is also referred to as a “cost per impression”.

3) There is also a referral category where you get paid every time someone takes action to an advertisement. For example, there could be a site offering a free subscription of some sort. If the person visits their site and subscribes to their free service as a result of the ad displayed on your site, you will be paid a referral fee of say $5. Some use the term “cost per action” to describe to method.

It’s actually one of the more simple programs that people can do to make some money. Some sites rely on it entirely as its revenue source which can work out well. In order to receive your payment, your total income earned has to be at least $100. This is what the mail that I received looks from the outside:

It used to be a lot smaller to my recollection when I first started using it. This is what the check that I received just recently looks like:

So if you have a website and are looking for a way to generate some extra income, it can be a good way to start off as it isn’t too difficult to implement. I personally just use it in a passive way, but it can definitely be effective in generating an income should you decide to do so.

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