Having Good Prices Versus Having A Good Experience

Having Good Prices Versus Having A Good Experience

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Recently with a Walmart opening up in a mall around here I was super curious how that would affect the other large supermarkets that have been around for awhile. While it seemed to be taking away some business from others as expected what kind of surprised me was my mom’s comment about visiting the store. She was telling me how she was literally walking around the store for over an hour just seeing what’s available. She did buy some stuff too.

As the days went by it seemed like she decided to do a lot of her shopping from there which was surprising as for some items it wasn’t actually the cheapest there. My main thought was she just enjoyed going around that supermarket for the time being that it just kind of convinced her to shop there as well. Imagine that where you are doing grocery shopping where you literally just purchased the same but more expensive item at on store because maybe you liked the interior design better.

Kind of reminds me of this now closed down Safeway store where the produce is usually way more expensive than everywhere else. One of my friend joked that it’s more expensive because they make everything look nice and water it. But that shows in a business it’s not always about offering the cheapest price possible but rather making it pleasing and attractive to visit too can be the factor to win business.

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