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Good Guy And Bad Guy Persona To Make Money

This was kind of of entertaining yet interesting I thought. I was stumbling across some clips in an effort to research about a certain market and then I saw this one person that made a living online by simply pretending to be an ego maniac who is so superior to everyone else when it comes to a video game. Just that alone made me realize that this was silly.

However, the funny thing is that it just generated so much hate and attention for himself that people are inclined to spend their time and energy to make him look bad. Ironically, that actually generates the viewership and following which translates to him making money with things like sponsorships. I then tried to find something similar except with the person being more friendly and humble. Sure enough, he didn’t get as much attention or opportunities.

While it is easy to conclude that if you want to be successful in that way then you should choose the “bad guy” route, I honestly think it is just simply about doing stuff that people aren’t used to seeing. Like with this, it’s not as common to see someone be so arrogant as opposed to a polite person. So in that sense it is more interesting.

It would be interesting too to see it from say the sponsor’s perspective and how delicate they are in funding these types of persona’s. Example, how careful they are as in they don’t want people to associate the fictional negative image that the person portrays for their products or if all they care about is getting more exposure.

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