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Good Deals For Bad Stuff

I was watching this segment on TV today where these people were saying how they could save so much money on everyday needs where they essentially feed their families for way less. For the most part they did save a lot of money using things like coupons and they walked out with carts of stuff that would normally cost hundreds. The main thing that stuck out to me was how a lot of the stuff they had consisted of things like junk food and soda. That made me think, are the savings really worth it in that case?

Maybe it’s just me, but when someone talks about feeding a family for a good price and the items that you see consist mostly of things like potato chips it doesn’t seem like money well spent. Unless this is like stocking up for a party then that is different. At times like that I am more inclined to say it’s better to spend a little more to get items that are probably better suited in the long-run as opposed to settling for what’s free or cheaper.

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