Going Out And Finding Talent To Work For Your Business

Going Out And Finding Talent To Work For Your Business

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This got me thinking as recently I heard a story of a person that was constantly looking for workers that could do a job where while he got a ton of applications most of them ended up not really having the necessary skills to complete the jobs in an efficient manner. From the sounds of it this was partly due to the fact that the field revolves around new tech and many people don’t actually have enough hands on experience as opposed to just a certificate from an e-course as an example.

So instead of constantly advertising for talent the traditional way he literally went online to try and scout out people by checking out their work. These weren’t necessarily professionals in the sense of people who advertise themselves as a business. Imagine it kind of like if you are looking for a good artist one would simply go around looking at people’s work to see who has the actual skills and results that resonate with you.

Then afterwards the person would approach the artist and ask them if they would be interested in some work. The company ended up finding a good match that way. This is usually how it works many times in an artistic field where people get discovered in that sense. But I guess it shows it can work for other types of fields as well and may be a good alternative if you are having difficulties finding the right talent.

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