Going On Family Plans With Random People To Save Money
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Going On Family Plans With Random People To Save Money

When it comes to services like a cell phone plan there are often options where you can enlist a bunch of people into one bill which would make it a lot cheaper compared to if everyone signed up for their own plan. So it makes sense overall financially as usually these are family accounts for people who live in the same household. But would you enroll in these kind of things with random strangers?

It got me thinking as usually in bargain hunting communities people would lookout out for group buy deals in an effort to save money. It’s almost like they are getting the same prices that a company would if they purchased the items in bulk to resell. Except in this case you are paying the exact cost price of the item with no markup. But how about for membership fees of sort that requires everyone to sign up under one account? Would you be willing to do that at this day in age?

Some common services I hear that people are doing this for are for items such as streaming media services. For example, Netflix or Disney Plus where people simply share the cost of a multi user account that ends up saving everyone money. Again though, would you actually be open to doing this with people whom you never met as an example if it meant saving say 80% on your bills? I guess there is always a risk but it can be a legitimate way to save money.

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