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Going Into Debt To Raise A Pet

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Whenever people get some kind of pet such as a dog I would imagine it is pretty much part of the family just like any other person. If anything was to happen to it I am sure most people would be traumatized. You often read those stories though where if the pet has some kind of serious injury or medical condition people often opt to put it down. While the reason could be to not let the animal suffer I have read at times its can be due to cost of caring for the animal.

What got me thinking though was how I was hearing about how a person really wanted a dog even though financially and time-wise it was a huge investment for him. So everyone was advising against it. He didn’t really care what other people said though as his thought revolved around the fact that it was an animal not a baby human where it will require way less work.

So he then went ahead and got the dog. Less than three months it seemed like he admitted that he was way over his head in getting the dog. So the natural thing people said was to find a new owner. However, it seemed like he would rather go into debt than giving it away and treated it with the mindset that it was his own human child. Makes you wonder here would you treat the animal in this situation as simply an animal per se where as long as it has a good home then it’s all good?

Or would you treat it like you have brought that life into this world and if you have to go into debt to raise it then that is your responsibility? Probably so many different perspectives here where you can’t really say there is one right answer.

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