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Going Crazy With Spin Offs

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I was watching this show that was interviewing this guy who created all these websites that apparently act as dating sites except it’s more about getting rich people to try and say pay for dates to people who claim to be good looking. Of course all the debates about escort services or prostitution came up.

However, what was interesting to me was that this person had so many different businesses that were essentially the same type of concept but with just a different theme. And it seemed like he used the same formula to generate controversy in order to get media attention which ultimately helps his business from what it appears. It kind of made me wonder if he will just say stop focusing in creating so many different spin-offs as you would think it would get out of hand after awhile.

For this particular case too it makes me wonder if the business strategy is more of a take advantage of the market while you can and if it crashes then so what as you made your money. I guess in some ways if making a business is all about the money in the end then you can argue that it would be silly to not keep going until it slows down.

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