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Going Cheap At First Thought

So I am thinking of the resources that are necessary to create the web oriented idea and of course the one thing that you need is a web host. Now for sure I know who the reliable provider would be where the trade off is that the packages are more expensive. Then I saw this offer today where a particular provider is offering a full year of service for about $10.

Not surprisingly, a lot of people complain about the frequent downtimes as that company simply oversells its inventory which hinders the performance for everyone it seems. Some people even commented with remarks such as a “What do you expect for $10 a year” type of mentality.

It was a really tempting offer though considering I am just trying this idea out for the heck of it and it isn’t exactly a mission critical type of scenario. At this point though I have decided against the dirt cheap option as there is a chance that the idea could bloom pretty well and therefore it would be a real pain to deal with transfers and all.

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