Going All The Way To The Top For A Discount

Going All The Way To The Top For A Discount

Recently I was talking to a gentleman who says that he refuses to pay regular prices for various services especially with companies who have all these special fees in the final bill. Literally, for services such as the telephone he will keep asking for the person’s supervisor and then their supervisor until someone gives him a deal.

He was then telling me about an incident where an elderly lady literally was so persistent in a similar matter where she was literally transferred to the CEO of the company who had no problem at all in giving her a discount. On top of that, the CEO then told her that the people she talked to would be addressed as well as the issue should have never gone that far.

In general, this usually is true where people who are persistent enough seem to be able to get all the deals and discounts that they want. I personally don’t like tactics like these though as it is kind of shady in some ways I feel. In my opinion, there is a difference between getting a good discount through things such as competitor pricing and inappropriately harassing people for one until the give in.

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