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Going All Out or Having Backup Careers

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I was talking to a person today who really wanted to pursue her dreams in working in the film industry. She did mention that she was getting a business degree first as a backup in life as everyone around her is so worried that she would have nothing to fall on should her aspirations fail.

When you think about it, in some ways it makes a lot of sense and in others it doesn’t I’d say. I tend to think a little differently where it’s one thing to learn additional skills to better prepare yourself for multiple situations and another to do it solely as a form of career backup.

In some crazy way, the idea of training for a different career solely as a backup is almost like saying to yourself that there is a high chance you will fail and so you won’t be entirely committed to it. Unlike say these hardcore entrepreneurs that don’t know the definition of failure and will do everything to make it work. At the same time, it pushes them harder as there is no going back type of mentality.

In general, you really can’t stop living a day without learning something new I’d say which in that sense enables you to make a career out of almost anything with your life experiences.

2 Comments to Going All Out or Having Backup Careers

  • I would say that it totally makes sense to have a back up career in the film industry because most of those jobs pay very little even if you can find work.

    While you are looking for acting jobs, writing scripts, or waiting for the next film to direct, you should to use the “down” time to earn $ so you don’t have to live off of credit cards.

    joewatch 5/31/2008 1:19 pm
  • That is kind of what I was trying to imply where it makes sense and not at the same time. It makes perfect sense to do something else if there is no work per say, but learning something completely unrelated for the sake of a backup is kind of different in my mind.

    Over exaggerated example would be a person going to study law to be a lawyer and at the same time as a backup goes and gets a medical degree to be a doctor encase his law career doesn’t work out before he actually attempts it.

    Even with say the example of a person working in the film industry there are a ton of things you can do on the side that is still related to the field/skillset that you would have such as teaching others. I know in that field for say an actor that the skills you learn can actually help people in many ways such as becoming a more confident public speaker.

    Alan Yu 5/31/2008 9:52 pm

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