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Going After The Little Guys That Steal Your Copyright Work or Not

What an awkward situation this is. One of the platforms I use introduced this feature that essentially scans the whole site to see if there are any content that is a direct duplicate of your own published work. This is to prevent people stealing other people’s work and benefiting from it without the proper credit. While I like most people don’t really care if people use your work as a reference of sort in these cases people were literally just taking other people’s work as a whole and re-publishing it as if it was their own.

So when I was alerted that someone did this to me I looked at the person’s account and I had the option to instruct the company to leave it as is, give them a warning to take it down or simply instruct the company to take it down right away. While the person was stealing from me I couldn’t help but to think maybe I shouldn’t do anything. Looking at the account it seemed like it was just some guy taking other people’s work that he liked and re-publishing it to try and get some attention. Almost like people who illegally tape and republish TV shows.

But it’s obvious this wasn’t a huge company or anything. But like in this case should you still be harsh and issue a take-down notice? I always never liked it when large corporations bullied small guys for using stuff in a legitimate way. But how about situations like this? Almost like saying if a bunch of kids re-published your stuff because they thought it was cool even though the way they are doing it isn’t legal and all would you immediately shut them down or be relaxed about it?

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