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Going After Fakes That Lie About Their Affiliations With You

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Word got around to me that a person was fabricating his professional affiliation with me in order to sucker people into doing business with him by gaining trust this way. Now the interesting thing is that this is a known liar too that I confronted before where when everything came out in the open of course he had nothing to say really but to try and hide in the corner as it was like a tower of lies that came crumbling down.

Sure enough, I suppose now that he has jumped on to a different herd of people he feels that he can get away with it again. You know, that really makes me think too on when exactly is the right time to go after people like this? One person was telling me it is not really worth the time as it is those people’s fault for not doing a background check if they end up getting conned by the individual. At the same time, this is definitely one of those principle things too.

Now you may say that you should just put a stop to them right away. But I guess like in this situation, doing it too fast without making the issue bigger with a lasting impact kind of encouraged him to do the same. Reminds me of a criminal where they get a slap in the arm for a crime and as a result they continue with their ways as they figure the punishment isn’t so bad vs what they can gain in the meantime.

So what do I intend to do? Let’s see, I have an idea to make the record permanent with a lasting impact. Going to be an interesting concept to execute too.

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