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Godaddy Auto Renewal Deceptive Business Practice or Not

Godaddy renewal scam

So with the new years that usually means having to renew a lot of annual subscription for various services. One service that I must renew is the domain registration where for the most part it can be anywhere from $10 to $20. For this domain I actually have had it with Godaddy for the longest time and usually just decide to renew for one year. I have been tempted to move just because of the cost but have yet to.

So this year I got an alert that it needed to be renewed and that it was on auto renewal. Usually I do everything manually but since I had other stuff to deal with I thought just letting it auto renew for the year would be the same thing. Boy was I wrong. Upon receiving the e-mail notice I was shocked that the bill was over $100. It would appear that they decided to auto renew this domain for 5 years.

Godaddy renewal scam

Can they even do that I was thinking? I personally feel that is a little deceptive. To me the biggest to not like this is that usually when you manually renew too, for super long terms like that you would at least get a discount. This was at the full standard expensive price. I was reading stories how this happened to others as well where their response was that you need to literally cancel the domain apparently and re-order. Who in the right mind would do that if it is tied to something essential too? So is this a deceptive business practice you think?

Comments to Godaddy Auto Renewal Deceptive Business Practice or Not

  • They screwed me over, was doing month-to-month at $11.99 per month. Had it on auto-renew, first month was billed at correct amount, next month was billed at $20.00!! Called customer support and they lied thru their teeth, told me prices went up across the board, with no notification. Told them to cancel me. Later checked online, and their prices were the same as before. Customer service rep tried like hell to get me to upgrade to paying for one full year, no way. Bye bye scammers, I’ll take my business elsewhere.

    Karl 10/2/2019 9:37 am
  • They are scam artists. And the CEO hunts elephants!! I turned my auto renews all off – only to find that a few months later, they had turned them all back on for me…. then charged me for 5 years each…. this is beyond a deceptive business practice.

    rich 1/3/2020 9:05 am

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