Giving Unrelated Business Apology Gifts

Giving Unrelated Business Apology Gifts

This was interesting as today the phone company that has been giving my parents a lot of problems appeared to have been semi solved because of an issue which they admit is completely their fault. Now usually for companies they would give customers service credit as an example as a way to say sorry. This was a little odd though as they gave an item which appeared to be an arm rest of sort for a computer table. I was thinking, how is this even remotely related to a phone service or helping to address any time or financial loss due to a phone service being down?

I am almost inclined to say such apology items could potentially make the customer more cynical. Imagine a restaurant messing up an order really bad where normally the solution would be to say give them some food on the house. But instead imagine they give you like a plastic flower or something like that to say sorry. I can just envision the upset customer getting angrier over that.

I think in these cases service credit is probably the safest way to go since it actually relates to the company and failure to provide something as agreed.

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